Stripping ISIS of its arsenal: understanding ISIS’ media communications

By Dmitry Dobrovolskiy


Thomas Friedman, the famed Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, has previously suggested that modern day terrorism is essentially a “cocktail of half-truths, propaganda, and outright lies about America.” This article will elucidate the ingredients of this so-called cocktail and discuss how the messages ISIS sends through different media channels led to its rise.



An Unusual Terrorist Profile?

On July 2, 2016, a group of terrorists began a deadly attack on a café in Bangladesh. During the twelve-hour-long siege of the café, twenty hostages, two policemen, and six attackers were killed.

In the aftermath of the horrific attack, what intrigued people about the terrorists were not their names, religion, or race: rather, it was …


ISIS Recruitment

By Cristina Lupusor


ISIS recruitment has become a widely discussed topic following numerous recent cases of young Westerners joining the extremist organization. Take the case of the three British schoolgirls that fled to Syria, or the two Austrian teenagers that left their households to live in the Caliphate – both generated massive public outrage …


Lingering Problems of Radicalisation in Tunisia

By Chris Wheeler

On December 17, 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi, a vegetable cart operator who had been harassed and beat up by the Tunisian regime, self-immolated in front of a Tunisian provincial headquarters. His act of desperation and protest set off a chain of events now known as Arab Spring.

Yet in the five years since …


Examining the Islamic State’s Genocide

By Tyler Headley

In August of 2014, the world was stunned by the brutality and mercilessness of the Islamic State as it beheaded journalists and humanitarian aid workers. In that bloody month alone, more than 600 people were beheaded. Since then, the media has continually covered the frequent beheadings, executions, rapes, and mass-murders of …